Financial Times vervalst feiten/Falsifies the facts

The article in the edition of the 2nd of August called ‘China orders Uighurs to return from studying overseas’ shows the bias towards China and the untrustworthiness of the Financial Times. It stated: “Rights groups say China has violated international law by orchestrating the forcible repatriation of Uighurs. More than 100 were forcible deported from Thailand in 2015…”

May I point out, as the FT perfectly knows, these were illegal immigrants staying in Thailand and, accompanied by Turkish secret agents, were on their way to fight alongside ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Being Chinese nationals it was therefore logic, standard practice and in accordance with international law to send them back to China.

It however was recorded at that time that the US pressured Thailand to allow them to continue their voyage. In fact after they were send back a terrorist bombed a Buddhist shrine in Bangkok visited by tourists. So what the FT wrote is in fact the opposite of the facts.

But I’m not surprised, as everybody studying in a professional way Salafist terror knows al Qaeda/Isis and other Salafist groups are nothing but a creation of Israel, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar and the West, including MI6, the friends and real bosses of the FT.

It therefore is no surprise no mention in the article is made of the spread of Salafism among Uighurs in Chinese Xinyang province and of the good contacts between the World Uighur Congress and Uighur terror groups active in Syria and Iraq. Not to forget western financing for this World Uighur Congress. A violation of international law. Not by China but by the US.

Willy Van Damme

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