Dendermonde Honky Tonk Jazz Club – For the love of New Orleans

Somewhere around 1964 the four brothers Heuvinck Bert, Jan, Piet and Mon, together with a few friends, students at that time, came into contact with the music from New Orleans, its gospel songs, the New Orleans jazz and its whole cultural environment surrounding it.

The cultural heritage

And so it went. First came the creation of the Jeggpap New Orleans Jazz Band, featuring the four brothers and some of these friends, and then arose the need for a club house, dedicated to this cultural heritage.


Mon Heuvinck, after fifty years still one of the very active and leading figures of the club. Something to be very proud of.

With help from the city Council of their town Dendermonde they were able to hire an old disused bunker, once part of the city military fortifications. They cleaned it up and made it their club house with the first concert by their Jeggpap New Orleans Jazz Band on the 6th of March 1965, now more than 50 years ago.

It was a defining moment for them and for the New Orleans music and its cultural heritage in Europe. Started with a lot of enthusiasm but also hesitation it pretty soon became a center for lovers of New Orleans Jazz, not only in the city or the region and nationally, but for all over Europe and even beyond.

Atmosphere at he Honky Tonk Jazz Club

The club in action. Here in front drummer and painter Miel Leybaert, one of the founders of the Jeggpap New Orleans Jazzband. With behind him one-time clarinet player and partly visible Piet Hermans and talented blues pianist and singer Ilja De Neve looking on. In the background Saxophone player Peter Verhas.

A reputation

Since those days the club gained a reputation as being one of the leading European centers for New Orleans Jazz. With many music performers from New Orleans when visiting Europa making it a habit of performing at the club. The club has now nearly 500 members.

The club, being an old small army bunker, gives concerts a special atmosphere where musicians and the public easily intermingle with each other, giving an appearance at the club for the musicians an extra dimension.

Bo Didley at Jazz Festival

Bo Didley, one of music’s great man, also appeared at the festivals in Dendermonde. Here in Dendermonde with one of his typical guitars.

Since 1965 the people of the club organized more than 2000 concerts, in the club and outdoors, on boat trips, street parades and at many festivals, small and great. All in dedication and of love for the cultural heritage of New Orleans. They also organize regular trips to the city itself. In this they are true ambassadors for the city helping to safeguard and promote this culture in Belgium and Europe.

Many great names

Many hundreds of groups and musicians from New Orleans, other places in the US, Belgium, but also from the other continents in the world played at the club or at festivals organized by the Honky Tonk Jazz Club. Some well-known names, some lesser known.

Doc Houlinds Revival All Stars (DK)

The atmosphere during the show of the Danish Doc Houlind Revival All Stars. Musicians and public easily intermingle at the club. Giving it something unique and the reason why musicians from afar take the plane just for one show at the club.

Naming them all would be too much but artists who played there were among others Albert Nicholas, Champion Jack Dupree, Barry Martin, Captain John Handy, George Lewis, Louis Nelson, Sammy Rimington (UK), Memphis Slim, the Preservation Hall Jazz band, Max Collie’s Rhythm Aces (UK), The New Orleans All Star Band, Kid Thomas, All Lewis, Otis Grand, The Reverend Dejean Choir, Teddy Wilson, Benny Waters, The Dutch Swing College Band (NL), Bud Freeman, Thomas Jefferson, Count Basie, Oscar Peterson, Chris Barber New Orleans Blues Band (UK), Wallace Davenport, Dejan’s Olympia Brass Band of New Orleans, Philippe Cathérine (Belgium), Dorothy Donegan, Toots Thielemans (Belgium), Fats Domino, B.B. King, Bessie Griffin Trio, Chuck Berry, Bo Didley, Ray Charles, Etta Cameron, Monty Alexander, Manu Dibango (Cameroun), Jimmy Witherspoon, Lillian Boutté, Curtis Mayfield, Dr. John, DeeDaniels, Freddy Kohleman, Al di Meola Project, Jerry Lee Lewis, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Calvin Jackson & The Mississippi Bound, Liz McComb, Wendell Brunious, Freddie Lonzo, Lucien Barbarin, Shannon Powell, Leroy Jones with Craig Klein, Paul Longstreth, Gerald French and Mitchell Player, Steve Yocum, Bob French, Charmaine Neville with Amasa Miller, Frank Oxley, Louis Ford, Gregg Stafford, Evan Christopher Clarinet Road and Davell Crawford.

Fats Domino - 03

One of the great names of the New Orleans music scene without any doubt has been Fats Domino. Here in action with his piano at the Dendermonde Jazzfestival.

Celebrating 50 years

In 2002 a new initiative was created with the Jazzcentrum Vlaanderen, another non-profit organization, situated next door. This was the result of close cooperation between the Honky Tonk Jazz Club, the provincial administration of Oost-Vlaanderen, the Dendermonde city council and other like-minded smaller clubs in Belgium.

This Jazzcentrum Vlaanderen organizes exhibitions and functions as a museum and a documentation center about the history of New Orleans Jazz in Belgium. A very important task. It also regularly gives concerts itself or workshops regarding New Orleans Jazz. Thereby giving the Honky Tonk Jazz Club an extra dimension.

Memphis Slim at the Jazz Festival

Well know giant of the blues piano Memphis Slim als appeared at the Dendermonde Jazzfestival.

No surprise therefore that when the hurricane Kathrina struck New Orleans creating huge havoc, The Jazz Centre straight away founded NOMA, New Orleans Musicians Aid, in the presence of Wendell Brunious, collecting funds through the organization of concerts and by other actions to help musicians from New Orleans to restart their lives and musical careers after the disaster that struck them.

On the 3rd, 4th and 5th of September the city council of Dendermonde organizes a whole series of events in the city with concerts to celebrate this 50 year anniversary of dedication and love for the cultural heritage of the city of New Orleans.

Davell Crawford - View of public standing and clapping during show

Modern day New Orleans piano player and singer Davell Crawford here recently in June at the Honky Tonk Jazzclub receiving a standing ovation for what was no doubt a very great performance. Look on top the flag of New Orleans flying.

Honky Tonk Jazzclub, Leopold II Laan 19,9200 Dendermonde, Belgium

Willy Van Damme


Deze tekst werd speciaal gemaakt om de Honky Tonk Jazzclub en haar werk beter bekend te maken bij het Amerikaans publiek, en speciaal dan de muziekscène betrokken bij de jazz, blues, gospel en aanverwante muziekstijlen.

Feestprogramma 50 Jaar Honky Tonk

Op 3, 4 en 5 september organiseert het Dendermondse stadsbestuur ter ere van het 50-jarig bestaan van de club een serie activiteiten en concerten. Zo is er op 3 september in zaal ‘s Sestich aan de bibliotheek om 20 uur een ‘History of blues and jazz’ waarbij muzikaal de evolutie gegeven wordt van de zwarte muziek in de delta van de Mississippi, van de zogenaamde work songs tot de gospels, de jazz en de blues.

Charmaine Neville - during show

New Orleans singer Charmaine Neuville appearing at the Honky Tonk Jazzclub with Albert Braeckman and his umbrella joining the show. Fun and good music make a nice mix at the Honky Tonk Jazzclub.

Vrijdag 4 september is er dan om 20 uur in de tuin van het CC Belgica, Café Jardin, een eerste optreden van de Britse soulzangeres Denise Gordon samen met het Verjazz Combo rond Peter Verhas. Met ook de Joep Peeters & the Gloodnew Orleans Band.

Zaterdag 5 september is er dan vanaf 14 uur een klassiek wandelconcert door het stadscentrum met de Honky Tonk Brassband met daarbij als must Albert Braeckman met zijn paraplu en andere attributen. De jazz heeft mee zijn uniek karakter gekregen doordat het gebruikt werd bij uitvaartstoeten in New Orleans waar men het verdriet verdrong met vrolijke klanken.

Norbert Detaeye

Ghent jazz piano player and gospel singer Norbert Detaeye first came to the club almost 50 years ago to see blues legend Champion Jack Dupree playing. He kept coming and is since a regular guest of the club and the city. Here celebrating 50 years Honky Tonk Jazzclub at the Jazzcentrum Vlaanderen.

Zaterdagavond is er een tweede optreden van de zangeres Denis Gordon met ditmaal onder begeleiding van de Gentse jazzpianist en gospelzanger Norbert Detaeye. Met als tweede act een optreden van het overbekende trio Jean Blaute, Eric Melaerts en Jean-Marie Aerts.

Het gospelconcert met Denise Gordon en Norbert Detaeye start om 19 uur in de abdijkerk aan de Vlasmarkt. Het optreden van het trio met Jean Blaute is voorzien in de theaterzaal van CC Belgica om 21 uur.

het is een gelegenheid om deze feitelijk miskende muziekclub wat beter te leren kennen. Een club die ooit de muzikale reus Dr. John liet spelen in het toch kleine Dendermondse stadhuis. Iets wat weinig clubs in Europa haar ooit nadeden.

Willy Van Damme 


4 gedachten over “Dendermonde Honky Tonk Jazz Club – For the love of New Orleans

  1. Doet me denken aan de 7 jaar gedurende de welke ik 6 maand per jaar in New Orleans woonde en leefde. Beste tijd van mijn leven, ik denk niet dat ik meer dan 4 uur per nacht sliep, zeker niet.
    Mercury Traveller
    Ben er wel nog nooit geweest maar goede muziek als die in Honky Tonk kan mij altijd bekoren.
    Willy Van Damme

    • Beeld je een straat in van ongeveer 1 km met deur tot deur een paar tientallen jazz-cafés met live bands, allemaal de moeite waard, 24/7 zonder stoppen en zonder extra betaling.
      Zo was Bourbon Street in mijn tijd. Mijn appartement was in de “French Quarter”.
      Mercury Traveller
      Dit waren duidelijk heel leuke tijden. En ik kan het mij perfect inbeelden.
      Willy Van Damme

  2. Willy boy,
    Ik denk dat dr. John er nooit geraakt is, net als Carmel.
    Tof artikel verder man
    Rudy Putteman
    Dr. John heeft wis en waarachtig opgetreden in het stadhuis, met name in de Ros Beiaardzaal. Hij heeft nog samen met de Jeggpap New Orleans Jazzband een nummer gebracht. Waar een stadje/groot dorp groot in kan zijn.
    Carmel is inderdaad niet opgedoken maar dat was voor een ander optreden.
    Willy Van Damme

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