Amnesty International – The masks are falling of


Gezien de belangstelling in de Angelsaksische wereld voor het verhaal over Amnesty International USA en haar nieuwe algemene directeur werd besloten de tekst ook in het Engels te vertalen. Dit om misverstanden komen van foutief vertalen via Google te vermijden.


Due to the considerable interest in the English speaking world for the article about Amnesty International USA and Suzanne Nossel, her new general director, it has been decided to translate it in English. This to make sure no misunderstandigs arise due to faulty translations by Google.

Since the beginning of this year Amnesty International USA has a new general director in the person of Suzanne Nossel. Something which has raised serious eyebrows with those people who take human rights seriously.

On the website of Amnesty International they proudly present her nomination en show here previous professional career. And that’s no minor one but one who clearly shows that Amnesty International USA is in good hands now, being those of the establishment in Washington.

Previously she worked as a deputy Assistant Secretary for International Organizations at the State Department under Hillary Clinton. Here under Barack Obama she was partly responsible for policies regarding Syria, Libya, Iran and Ivory Coast. Remember, Ivory Coast was where the French with NATO assistance created a civil war and helped a friend of French President Nicolas Sarkozy to power.

And regarding Iran, it was under Barack Obama that the country no longer was allowed to import radio isotopes crucial for cancer treatments in its hospitals. Meaning Suzanne Nossel cooperated on a policy leading to mass murder.

Previously under President Bill Clinton she was involved in the policies regarding Bosnia and Kosovo. Kosovo is this US created Balkan republic whose head was according to many witnesses involved in among others mass murder and the theft of human organs.

According to this biography of Suzanne Nossel placed on Amnesty International USA’s website she invented the term ‘smart power’, a term used by the USA to define how it projects its imperialism worldwide, not with military means but with money politics, political agitation, sabotage and terrorism.

It’s a system whereby the USA no longer uses the military but works through so-called color revolutions to install vassals worldwide like in Georgia, Serbia and for a time Ukraine. It’s the new type of coups the CIA previously used in Chili, Guatemala and Iran.

She previously also had topjobs working for the Wall Street Journal and think thanks like The Century Foundation, The Center for American Progress and the Council on Foreign Relations. All of them institutions who always stood in front to defend the business interests of the US. Organisations also that always defended Israel and resulted in policies with millions of death and sometimes organized famine.

In the past Amnesty International has already been severely criticized for its reports and statements regarding the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the Hmong in Laos and recently the civil war in Syria. In those cases it put forward one-sided opinions even supporting groups responsible for gross human rights abuses.

For instance from 1979 until 1989 AI refused to criticize the US-backed Khmer Rouge and its partners although they grossly abused the people under their control. Instead, it focused al its mud slinging on the Cambodian government trying to defend the people against the Khmer Rouge.

And during the last weeks AI produced reports blaming only the government of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad for all that is going wrong in the country. A repeat of the previous policies AI pursued regarding Libya.

The fact that the Washington establishment has been able to take over AI USA and the fact AI USA seems proud of the involvement of her new general director in US imperialism is shocking. The masks are really falling of these days.

The symbol of AI is a burning candle surrounded by barbed wire. This barbed wire now turns out to be coming from Guantanamo with the burning candle one of the instruments used to torture people there.

One in the future therefore can expect more reports coming from Amnesty International on Syria, China, Russia, Venezuela, Iran and anyone who stands in the way of an American imperialism that these days seems to be going mad. Reports about Uganda, Rwanda, Singapore, the USA, Saudi-Arabia or Israel will be much fewer.

One can indeed not serve at the same time the interests of people’s human rights and American imperialism.

Willy Van Damme


One thought on “Amnesty International – The masks are falling of

  1. Amnesty International is an American time-bomb. Period.
    Dr. T. Rajan
    Thanks for your short comment.
    Willy Van Damme

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